The techniques and processes involved during the manufacturing of our grape juice concentrates are continuously improved. Important factors such as the quality of the grape to be processed, modern technology and final product safety are the Kineta’s major strengths.

Grape must production
Our soil unique characteristics allow the growing of grapes with a minimal use of chemical products, maximizing aromatic qualities and sugar concentration in a natural way. Harvested in their peak of maturation, grapes get into the pressing —maceration, in case of reds— and decanting processes. Subject to widely recognized quality standards, we perform a close monitoring of the production process, from the raw material to the manufacturing of the final product, obtaining a grape juice concentrate with no additional sugar content, no sweeteners or additives, except for the remaining sulphur dioxide.

Concentrating process
We use an improved system, which guarantees the preservation of organoleptic and chemical characteristics of our juice concentrates.

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Quality policy

We are mainly focused on the competitive manufacturing and marketing of safe food products. In order to achieve that objective, we acquire top quality raw material, meeting our customer`s requirements and according to the effective and applicable legislation and pursuant to our own guidelines. With the continuous improvement as our goal, we keep our employees and the environment safe and healthy.

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To Kineta S.A. quality and safety in its raw materials, processes and manufactured product is a commitment and unavoidable responsibility. That is why we apply in all our productive chain the most demanding the Food Safety Standard (FSSC 22000:2011, Good Manufacturing Practices, F.D.A.) and applicable legislation.

We adapt to the new tendencies of our customers and the juice market.

Quality monitoring allows controlled operations that guarantee an efficient control in our elaboration.

We instill in our providers our quality policy, reinforcing all the stages of this scene.

Uvas verdes, azules

Our technology / Technological restructuring

Over 2010, KINETA underwent a technological restructuring process, which was completed with the purchase and start-up of cutting edge machinery for desulphitation, concentration, pasteurization and aseptic bottling, positioning the company as a technological standard bearer for the industry.

The desulphitation process is unique in its type across the region, allowing the sulphur dioxide to be removed at steam temperatures below 100º C, since the equipment works with partial vacuum. Due to this, the simple desulphited juice keeps its organoleptic characteristics untouched, with HMF levels below the most demanding international standards requirements. Regarding energy, our equipment is a very efficient one, reusing generated vapors and in perfect harmony with the environment.

The evaporation process is carried out by means of a four-effect falling film evaporator with a thermo compressor. Thanks to this new technology, we are the first company in the region to obtain, in only one step, the sugar level required in the final product, avoiding the intermediate thermal exchange process and reaching a significant energy savings.

Aseptic pasteurization and packaging are carried out by means of a pasteurizer/packager, which is coordinated with the same software which controls the entire operation, guaranteeing quality and asepsis of bottled juices.

Due to the above described technology, together with years of “Know-how” experience, KINETA is considered as a highly reliable provider, able to meet the most demanding requirements of the grape juice concentrate global market.

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